"Jeder Boot tut gut" or literally translated into English "Every reboot does good" - that's a german phrase from the IT, which i try to use here as well. Because sometimes when you get stuck, it takes a fresh start to get back on track. Here is why...

Again and again I thought about with which content I might fill this domain. At first I wanted to post funny anecdotes from everyday office life, but I had to fear that they could quickly be assigned to the respective persons. That's why I rejected this idea. Of course there were similar fears with the professional data protection, if I wanted to share interesting aspects of the daily doing. So I quickly decided against it here as well.

Now, through certain circumstances, I have come to different projects, through which I have to study different subjects more intensively. And that's exactly what I'm trying to capture here. I cannot promise that I will stick with the use of the English script. And I cannot promise to what extent a regular input or output from me will appear here. However, I will always leave small notes for myself, which should memorise the newly learnt for me as well as help me to remember later.

So it's actually just my very own private (B)log which you probably just stumbled across by accident. Congratulations.

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